Find the numbers

Get the numbers from a string separated by a white space..


"1 23 34 234"



again, more test cases needed

Thu Feb 12 20:36:31 2015

@avkhozov: Please, add a check of minimal number of tests required to submit a task. Tasks with 2 test can be easily cheated, either replicating the answer in plain text PHP. Tasks with less than 5 tests can often be cheated by writing a script that satisfies the featured tests but not the task in general.

Fri Feb 13 16:03:10 2015

**sorry, "Tasks with 1 test can be..." 1, not 2.

Fri Feb 13 16:03:48 2015

I have created issue on github for this. Thanks.

Fri Feb 13 16:13:35 2015

Please comment another ticket (if you are interested in this)

Fri Feb 13 16:29:55 2015

I commented. Maybe you could put the link to the tracker somewhere here in the head of the site, so that everybody could participate?

Fri Feb 13 16:52:01 2015

Thanks. Link to github already exists in header — JAGC on GitHub

Fri Feb 13 18:54:50 2015

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