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634 symbols haskell
Tue Mar 17 10:52:13 2015 YoshikuniJujo
import Data.Ratio
data R=R(Ratio Int)|R:>R|R:|R|N
c(R r)=r
c(s:>t)=c s+c t
c(s:|t)=c s*c t/(c s+c t)
c N=0
l s i x=take i s++[x]++drop(i+1)s
e s=fst$g(-1)(elem '@'#s)s
g b i x=let a w=g b i(l x i w)in case x!!i of '/':'-':w->a w;'\\':'-':w->a w;'-':'@':w->(N,(i,l x i w));'|':w->let(n,_:t)=span(/='|')w;(r,s)=g b i(l x i t)in(R(read n%1):>r,s);'<':w->let(u,(_,v))=g i(i-1)(l x i w);(d,(_,y))=g i(i+1)v;(n,(_,z))=g b i y in(u:|d:>n,(i,z));'\\':w->if i+1==b then(N,(i+1,l x i w))else g b(i+1)(l x i w);'/':w->if i-1==b then(N,(i-1,l x i w))else g b(i-1)(l x i w);_:w->a w
p#(x:s)|p x=0|0<1=1+(p#s)

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