JAGC — Just Another Golf Coding


JAGC is a server for code golf, where users should write the shortest code using all standard features of scripting languages for solve tasks. Users can add new tasks with unit tests and invent solutions and submit them. JAGC will run tests for these solutions to determine the winner.


“The shortest solution is the best solution”. So if your code have a smaller length then you have more points.
The first 10 participants who have the shortest code, receive a ponits from 10 to 1, respectively.

Only the author of task can edit description and add/modify tests. If the author has changed the tests then all solutions will be rejudged.

Code Length

  • Before saving solution of the problem JAGC server replaces new lines symbols in accordance with the style of Unix(0xA).
  • JAGC server removes all leading and tailings newline symbols of each test.
  • Before comparing the result of solution and the expected result JAGC server removes all leading and tailings newline symbols.
  • She-bang
    If solution contains she-bang (i.e. #!/usr/bin/perl -ap), JAGC will replace this path to the path interpreter that you specified when adding a solution. While calculating the length solution the she-bang is not sensitive, except keys (including minus symbol).
    For example:
    1. #!/bin/perl -l -n
      print 'test'
      This source has 5+12 symbols length.
    2. #!/bin/perl -ln
      print 'test'
      This code has 3+12 symbols length.
    It is recommended to use just the name of the interpreter in the she-bang, instead of writing the full path.


Some actual information about statistics on site appear with delay, about 1 minutes.


Here are examples of task A + B on different programming languages.



  • perl
  • bash
  • erlang
  • haskell
  • julia
  • lua
  • nodejs
  • php
  • python2
  • python3
  • ruby2.0
  • golfscript
  • befunge
  • pyth
  • cjam